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Crime and fear of crime can have a long-lasting detrimental impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. The Commissioner is committed to doing everything possible to protect children and adults from harm, placing a firm focus on understanding the experiences of victims and practitioners, listening to their voices and ensuring that feedback is acted upon.

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27 Nov 2023

PCC advocates for change on mental health response

In February 2023 alone, officers spent 515 hours on incidents relating to mental health – the highest number of hours ever recorded in a single month by the Force. In March, two officers spent a full week supporting a vulnerable person, taking the officers away from their other duties.

The PCC has the national lead for mental health and custody for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC). She spoke at the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Mental Health and Policing Conference in May to advocate the Right Care, Right Person model and has been working with partners locally to reduce the burden being placed on policing.

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27 Nov 2023

New fully-funded ‘Fearless’ worker

The OPCC has provided funding for a new youth worker to educate young people about the consequences of their choices on behalf of ‘Fearless’, the youth arm of Crimestoppers.

The post-holder visits schools, pupil referral units, colleges, universities and youth clubs to deliver workshops that show young people how crime can affect them, either as a victim or as a perpetrator, attends community events, and builds partnerships with youth-focused organisations.

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27 Nov 2023

New Premier League Kicks programme in Surrey

A Premier League programme that uses the power of football to draw young people away from crime has expanded into Surrey with the support of a grant from the OPCC.

The Chelsea Foundation has brought flagship initiative Premier League Kicks to the county for the first time. The scheme, which supports people aged between eight and 18 from disadvantaged backgrounds, already operates at 700 venues across the UK. More than 175,000 young people engaged in the programme between 2019 and 2022. Young attendees are offered sports, coaching, music and educational and personal development sessions.

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1 Apr 2022

Work with schools

Significant work has been undertaken with Surrey County Council to develop the Surrey Police offer in school, ensuring that key safety messages are embedded in the County’s Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. Supporting this, the Commissioner's office has been leading on work to re-establish Surrey’s Junior Citizen programme – a series of local events that aim to teach valuable life skills that will keep students safe.

3 Feb 2022

New Support for Young People

Just before Christmas the Commissioner signed a three-year contract worth £390,000 with charity Catch22 to launch a new service for young people at risk of or affected by criminal exploitation in Surrey. A well-known example of criminal exploitation is the use of children by ‘county lines’ gangs, leading individuals into a cycle of offending that can be difficult to escape. The new service offers a combination of creative workshops and tailored one-to-one support to help individuals address the root causes of their vulnerability and ultimately remove themselves from unhealthy situations.

25 Jan 2022

Better support for victims

Throughout the year the Commissoner has continued to support the development of the Surrey Police Victim and Witness Care Unit, ensuring that all victims of crime in Surrey have access to high-quality support and advice. During 2021/22 the Unit made proactive contact with 48,730 victims of crime and the Commissioner's Office has worked with Surrey Police to introduce new dedicated Fraud Case Workers and a Stalking Advocate, providing immediate specialist advice with no need for onward referrals to external agencies

Owner Activity
Owner Activity
OPCC Ensure the voices of victims are both heard and acted upon, that they are central to my office’s approach to commissioning and shared formally with the wider criminal justice system
OPCC Seek out additional sources of funding to support delivery of local victim services
OPCC Work alongside children and young people at every opportunity and help with education on the dangers of drugs, child sexual exploitation, online grooming and County Lines criminality
OPCC Advocate for more funding to tackle the threat and risks that face our children and young people. I will call for more immediate resources to increase our preventative work and safeguard children and young people
OPCC Ensure Surrey has appropriate services in place to help young victims cope and recover from their experiences
OPCC Commission support services to intervene and reduce violence and knife crime such as the Child Criminal Exploitation Targeted Support service and the Early Help Project
OPCC Take forward at a national level the issue of mental health provision for those in crisis and monitor the impact of government reforms of the Mental Health Act
OPCC Work with partners to maximise the use of government funding awarded by the Changing Futures programme to improve local services for people experiencing multiple disadvantage and evaluate the outcomes for those involved in the criminal justice system
OPCC Ensure that services are in place to protect vulnerable and older people, linking in with national and local partners
OPCC Continue to support restorative justice through the reducing reoffending fund which delivers a broad range of projects, many of which are aimed at offenders experiencing multiple disadvantage, with the intention of diverting them away from the revolving door of offending behaviour
OPCC Continue to support the High Harm Perpetrator Unit through the commissioning of services which to date have included housing schemes and a substance misuse service
OPCC Support victims through our work with Justice and Care and the newly appointed Barnardo’s Independent Child Trafficking Guardians
Joint Use feedback from victims, though surveys and feedback sessions, to understand their experience and improve the police response and wider criminal justice process
Joint Build confidence in those that have previously suffered in silence to seek support
Joint Work in partnership to protect people from harm by ensuring representation on key statutory boards in Surrey, maintaining constructive relationships and sharing good practice and learning
Joint Work with partners to explore the impact of technology, supporting and developing preventative initiatives for communities, parents and the children and young people themselves
Joint Work with and support the serious youth violence partnership. Poverty, school exclusions and having multiple disadvantages are some of the driving factors and we are committed to working with the partnership to find solutions to these big issues
Joint Continue to support a multi-agency approach to enable an appropriate response for people with a combination of mental health, substance misuse, domestic abuse and homelessness issues who are coming into regular contact with the criminal justice system
Joint Support cyber-crime prevention activity being included in day-to-day policing, local government and local business practices
Joint Work with partners to develop a common understanding among local partners of the threats, vulnerabilities and risks relating to fraud and cybercrime
Joint Work with services that support children and young people to reduce reoffending
Joint Work with the National Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Network
Surrey Police Meet the requirements of the new Victims’ Code
Surrey Police Ensure that victims of all crimes receive the highest possible quality of care through the Surrey Police Victim and Witness Care Unit
Surrey Police Be guided by the National Child Centred Policing Strategy to improve the quality of policing for children and young people by acknowledging their differences, recognising their vulnerabilities and meeting their needs
Surrey Police Work with education partners to make schools safe spaces and help inform children and young people around exploitation, drugs and County Lines criminality
Surrey Police Explore new approaches to tackling offenders who exploit our children
Surrey Police Carry out operations aimed at reducing knife crime and educating communities about the dangers of carrying knives
Surrey Police Engage and work with all relevant partners to ensure police resources are being used appropriately for children and adults experiencing a mental health crisis
Surrey Police Use the Surrey High Intensity Partnership Programme and trauma-informed services to support those who need regular support
Surrey Police Support the most vulnerable victims of fraud and cyber crime
Surrey Police Support the use of restorative justice in Surrey and ensure that victims are informed about and offered restorative justice services as laid out in the Victims’ Code
Surrey Police Implement the national Integrated Offender Management Strategy aimed at cutting neighbourhood crime, including burglary and robbery
Surrey Police Work with law enforcement agencies, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and charities to co-ordinate the local response to modern slavery through the Surrey Anti-Slavery Partnership, particularly looking at ways to raise awareness and protect victims
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