The Commitment

The Commissioner is committed to tackling all forms of violence against women and girls and her office is working closely with Surrey Police, partner agencies and local charities to shine a spotlight on the inappropriate behaviours of some men, to hold perpetrators firmly to account for their actions and to ensure the best possible support is in place for victims of these horrific crimes.

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Activity & Progress
4 Jan 2023

Fully-funded teacher training to tackle violence against women and girls

Schools in Surrey were invited to apply for a new teacher training programme which was fully funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The programme aims to build self-confidence in children, enabling them to live safe and fulfilled lives.

11 Oct 2022

Additional £1million to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls

The Commissioner's office has secured almost £1million in Government funding to provide a package of support for young people to help combat violence against women and girls in the county. The sum, granted by the Home Office’s What Works Fund, will be spent on a series of projects designed to build self-confidence in children with the aim of enabling them to live safe and fulfilled lives. Reducing violence against women and girls is one of the key priorities in the Police and Crime Plan. At the heart of the new programme is specialist training for teachers delivering Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education at every school in Surrey via the Government’s Healthy Schools scheme, which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils.

1 Apr 2022

New Domestic Abuse & Stalking Perpetrator Schemes

Complementing local provision for victims, the Commissioner's office introduced a set of new domestic abuse and stalking perpetrator programmes, designed to work with offenders to address problematic and inappropriate behaviours and reduce the risk of further offending. Both Surrey Police and wider partners are now able to refer individuals into these services, and the stalking programme is ensuring that Surrey Police is well placed to meet its duties under the Stalking Protection Act 2019.

3 Feb 2022

Successful bid to the Government's Safer Streets Fund

Responding to feedback received from the Surrey Police ‘Call it Out’ survey, which sought to understand concerns of women across the County, the Commissioner's office successfully bid for £175,000 from the Government’s Safer Streets Fund to tackle issues along the Basingstoke Canal in Woking. This has included the removal of vegetation to improve visibility, cleaning of graffiti and the installation of new CCTV cameras which now cover the towpath.

25 Jan 2022

Launch of Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy

Surrey Police became one of the first forces in the UK to launch a Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, helping to harmonise and develop a consistent approach across multiple areas including domestic abuse, sexual offences, peer-on-peer abuse in schools and Harmful Traditional Practices.

Owner Activity
Owner Activity
OPCC Commission Specialist services that are accessible to women from diverse backgrounds informed by the voices of victims
OPCC Identify lessons from domestic death reviews, safeguarding reviews and ensure families feel seen and heard
OPCC Play an active role in key strategic partnerships
OPCC Work with partners in the CJS to ensure that the current backlog of cases is cleared, improve timeliness and support victims so cases can be taken to court where appropriate
OPCC Ensure the voices of victims are heard and acted on and are central to the approach to commissioning
OPCC Seek out additional sources of funding to support delivery of victims services
Joint Commission services informed by risks around abuse that cause women to be in the CJS
Joint Use feedback from victims to understand their experience and improve the response of police and the CJS
Joint Build confidence in those who’ve suffered to seek support
Joint Work in partnership to protect people from harm by ensuring representation on key statutory boards, maintaining constructive relationships and sharing learning
Surrey Police Implement and deliver against the Surrey Police Violence Against Women & Girls Strategy 2021-2024, including high quality support to victims and improved understanding of violence and abuse
Surrey Police Provide reassurance and build confidence in the police to investigate VAWG and empower all officers and staff to flag inappropriate behaviour among colleagues
Surrey Police Intervene with stalking and domestic abuse perpetrators at early stages to address behaviour and prevent abuse by using protection orders
Surrey Police nvest in investigation capability and skills to solve more cases, arrest offenders and to break the cycle of reoffending for perpetrators
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