Quick Glossary

Solved Outcomes

Surrey Police define a solved outcome as "a notifiable offence with either a charge, caution, community resolution, or TIC (taken into consideration)".

Solved Outcome Rate

Solved outcome rates are calculated using the volume of solved outcomes over a given period divided by the volume of notifiable offences in the same period.

Notifiable Offences

A notifiable offence is any offence under United Kingdom law where the police must inform the Home Office, who use the report to compile crime statistics.

12 Month Rolling Trend

A report that uses the running total of the values of last 12 months of an indicator. Each month, the indicator that is 13 months old is dropped from the total and the new month’s indicator value is added. This approach helps smooth out monthly variations and provide a greater sense of trajectory. The Performance Hub generally provides the 12 Month Rolling Trend by default, with users able to view the monthly data if required.

National Averages

When comparable data is available from the Office of National Statistics, we aim to display the national average outcome rate next to Surrey’s data. When calculating this combined percentage, we use the following outcome types: Charged/Summonsed; Out-of-Court (formal & informal); Taken into consideration.

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