The Commitment

The Commissioner's aim is for all residents to feel that their police force is visible in tackling the issues that matter to them and that they can engage with Surrey Police when they have a crime or anti-social behaviour problem or need other police support.

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101 (Non-Emergency) Call Answering Performance
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Activity & Progress
24 Nov 2023

Recruitment of Independent Members

The OPCC successfully recruited a number of new Independent Members to sit on Police Gross Misconduct Panels.

Panels are convened when police officers or staff are accused of breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour and can lead to dismissal from their force. Independent Members usually sit on three or four panels a year. They commit to a four-year term, with the possibility of a further extension. The role requires police vetting.

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24 Nov 2023

Policing your Community’ roadshows

The ‘Policing Your Community’ events are taking place from 24 October 2023 to 29 January 2024 and offer residents the opportunity to put their questions about local policing to the PCC, Chief Constable Tim De Meyer and the Inspector responsible for the local policing where they live.

The events throughout this winter will also take place ahead of the Commissioner’s planned consultation on the amount that residents will contribute towards policing from next year’s council tax, giving residents a chance to learn more about how their money is used both visibly – and behind the scenes – to boost crime fighting across Surrey.

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24 Nov 2023

Commissioner’s team ‘Hike the Hill’ to raise money for key service supporting young homeless people

A team from the OPCC took part in charity hike to the highest point in Surrey to raise money for a key service supporting homeless young people. Staff, including the Deputy Commissioner, joined organisers and young people from the Amber Foundation in completing the 10km route at Leith Hill near Dorking.

They support young people aged from 17 to 30 by providing a shared home with a community of around 30 others. Staff there deliver a programme of training and activities based around accommodation, employment and health and wellbeing. The OPCC provides funding for three beds at their centre near Ockley through its dedicated Reducing Reoffending Fund and the aim of the hike was to raise money to help towards paying for another bed space.

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1 Apr 2022

Community Surgeries

As part of the Commissioner's commitment to enhance the voice of local people in policing the office has established a regular schedule of public surgeries. Held on the first Friday of every month, these one-to-one meetings provide a valuable opportunity for the Commissioner to hear feedback from residents.

3 Feb 2022

999 Response Times

Data released by the Home Office for all forces in the UK shows that, between 1 November 2021 to 30 April 2022, Surrey Police were one of the top ten performing forces for answering 999 calls, with 82% of calls answered within 10 seconds.

25 Jan 2022

Active Communities Project

To strengthen our relationship with all segments of the community, the Commissioner's office has been working with the Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF) to deliver the Active Communities Project. Through a series of 'People Assembly' meetings across the County, diverse communities are brought together to find solutions to common issues they are experiencing and to provide feedback to both my office and Surrey Police. The project also addresses topics that hold social stigma in some communities, including Domestic Abuse, Honour based Violence, Forced Marriage, Female Circumcision and Mental illness. Through the project we create safe space for communities to reflect on the scale of these problems and, if required, seek help.

25 Jan 2022

Public Scrutiny

The Commissioner's Office now run regular Performance and Accountability meetings live on Facebook, providing an opportunity for residents to hear directly from the Chief Constable on the latest performance data, understand key operational issues and to ask their own questions. These meetings are complemented by Resource and Efficiency meetings the Commissioner holds with Surrey Police, providing an opportunity to dig deeper into specific performance concerns.

Owner Activity
Owner Activity
OPCC Do our part to help promote the existing local policing teams so that Surrey communities know who they are and how to contact them
OPCC Promote the different ways in which residents can contact police, including telephone and online reporting
OPCC Hold the Chief Constable to account for performance in answering 999 and 101 calls
OPCC Engage with children and young people and listen to their concerns and ideas while promoting Surrey Police as an organisation that respects and responds to their needs
OPCC Support the work of the Youth Engagement Officers and the Surrey Volunteer Police Cadets
OPCC Hold engagement meetings, surgeries and events with partners and residents
OPCC With Surrey Police, use online methods such as Facebook to broaden engagement
OPCC Meet with a wide and diverse range of community groups that represent residents across Surrey
OPCC Continue to operate an effective Independent Custody Visiting Scheme, supporting the volunteers and working with the Chief Constable on any issues identified
OPCC Continue to support Special Constables and other volunteers across Surrey Police and recognise the role they play in keeping our communities safe
Joint Work with partners including education providers to inform children and young people about the danger of drugs, the dangers of getting involved in county lines and how they can seek help
Joint Balance the desire from communities to see a physical policing presence, with the increasing demands from crimes committed in homes and online
Joint Direct increased resources funded by the Government uplift programme into the tackling the crime types which most affect Surrey’s communities
Joint Ensure that when people have a complaint, they know who to contact, have their complaint investigated proportionately and receive a timely response
Joint Ensure that the Commissioner’s and Surrey Police’s websites and other communications are accessible to Surrey’s communities
Joint Work with communities, including the travelling community, to find solutions to unauthorised encampments, including working with partners to develop a transit site in Surrey
Surrey Police Ensure police are aware of local issues and work with communities and partners to solve local problems
Surrey Police Ensure there are a range of ways to contact Surrey Police that suit individual needs
Surrey Police Ensure that people can get hold of the right person in Surrey Police and that their contact is responded to in a timely manner
Surrey Police Maintain a high performance for answering 999 police emergency calls and improve the current waiting times for the 101 non-emergency service
Surrey Police Work with schools, colleges and youth groups on crime and community-safety related issues and find joint solutions
Surrey Police Support a forum with schools, colleges and youth groups to share intelligence and receive updates on current threats, trends and data
Surrey Police Improve feedback to individuals who have reported crime or concerns
Surrey Police mprove feedback to local communities on crime trends, crime prevention advice and on success stories in reducing crime and catching offenders
Surrey Police Ensure that the Surrey Police Equality and Diversity strategy is implemented, including an aim to better reflect Surrey’s communities in the workforce
Surrey Police Promote and recruit to police volunteering opportunities
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