Police & Crime Plan 2021-25

One of the key responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to set the Police and Crime Plan in line with public priorities. The Police and Crime Plan 2021-25 outlines the areas that Surrey Police will focus on, and the key areas of performance that will be monitored in regular meetings with the Chief Constable.

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The Priorities
Priority 1
Reducing violence against Women and Girls
The Commissioner is committed to tackling all forms of violence against women and girls and her office is working closely with Surrey Police, partner agencies and local charities to shine a spotlight on the inappropriate behaviours of some men, to hold perpetrators firmly to account for their actions and to ensure the best possible support is in place for victims of these horrific crimes.
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Priority 2
Protecting people from harm in Surrey
Crime and fear of crime can have a long-lasting detrimental impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. The Commissioner is committed to doing everything possible to protect children and adults from harm, placing a firm focus on understanding the experiences of victims and practitioners, listening to their voices and ensuring that feedback is acted upon.
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Priority 3
Working with Surrey communities so that they feel safe
The Commissioner is committed to ensuring all residents feel safe in their local communities. By working together and intervening early to address the common factors that bring people into contact with the police and the criminal justice system, we can reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and help to improve outcomes for individuals and the wider community.
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Priority 4
Strengthening relationships between Surrey Police and Surrey residents
The Commissioner's aim is for all residents to feel that their police force is visible in tackling the issues that matter to them and that they can engage with Surrey Police when they have a crime or anti-social behaviour problem or need other police support.
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Priority 5
Ensuring safer Surrey roads
Surrey is home to some of the busiest stretches of motorway in the UK with significant numbers of vehicles using the county’s road network every day. Road safety is understandably a significant concern for Surrey residents, and a key focus of the Police and Crime Plan.
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